Information About KiK Academy

KIK Academy has been created by Claire Poulton. I've had this domain for 5 years but never did anything with it until NOW. Having been an Instructor at GVO ACADEMY since 2005 (with a one year break 2009 - 2010), I found out that a lot of the members were not able, either through Time Zone differences or Work/Family Commitments, to attend the regularly scheduled conferences.

As a solution for this, I decided to take the initiative and build this membership site, add my own class content recordings, and provide some additional resources, all in one place for easy access.

KIK Academy will always be a "Work In Progress" Membership Site. I am always finding new ways of accomplishing tasks, finding new codes, learning the latest HTML & CSS coding techniques and discovering helpful resources, that I feel would be of benefit to those who want to learn.


There are still some videos that have to be finished: namely the Word Press and Mobile Design videos. The Mobile Design will be primarily about designing Mobile-friendly websites; not about creating applications (yet!). I created a Word Press Theme that took me about 3 months to understand how to put it together. The Theme that I created will be available for the members at a VERY affordable price; with FULL support for the Theme and its applications.

We have Workshop Classes 4 days a week - Monday through Thursday at 5pm Eastern. If you are unable to attend, there will always be a recording of what was covered in the Class!

Affiliate Program?

Coming in the near future. This will be the very last addition to the KIK Academy Membership Site. The Super Affiliate Script is what will run the affiliate program. It's been configured, but NOT designed for public viewing. My timeline for this to become a reality is approximately 3 months. There will be products, software, programs, e-courses available for resale which will enable members to earn a profit by sharing with other Internet friends.

All my best wishes for your success,
Claire Poulton
Founder KIK Academy Membership Site


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